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We supply to over 350 retail and commercial customer across Somerset & Devon.


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We currently deliver our milk and dairy produce to over 350 retail and commercial customers across Somerset and Devon, within approximately a 70-mile radius of our farm.  Our growing portfolio of discerning clients includes – prestigious hotels and restaurants, caterers, wholesalers, café’s, offices and business premises, festivals and shops, from Sainsbury’s to your local corner shop.  Gundenham is also an appointed Spar preferred supplier, underlining customers’ wishes to use and support local products and not simply a generic brand.

Our credentials include -

  SALSA accreditation (Safe And Local Supplier Approval)

 5 star rating for food and hygiene standards

  Best Food Producer in the BBC Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards as judged by Raymond Blanc and awarded by Gordon Ramsay


Direct from us to you

On our farm near Wellington, we have 350 Holstein Friesian cows, from which we produce, process, bottle, package and distribute the milk ourselves (not many can say that!) meaning that we can get it to you quicker and fresher ensuring that it will keep longer (approximately 10 day fridge life) and there is less wastage. 

The quality and pureness of our milk (nothing added and nothing taken away) means that it is highly popular with chefs and catering staff and our milk has been specifically chosen by the many hospitals, residential care homes and groups, schools and colleges we supply.

Our semi-skimmed milk is homogenised, which is a process to distribute the fat content and makes it an excellent choice for café houses and restaurants that want to achieve a superb froth on their coffee.



If you need to reduce or add to your order at any time, we are only a phone call away, making us convenient, reliable and flexible to your business needs. Our normal ordering procedure is via a standing order that can be added to or amended up to 12pm the day prior to delivery (12pm on a Saturday for Monday delivery) by calling our customer service department.

We also supply a vast range of additional quality products that can be delivered alongside our milk - please click to view our product range.

Come and see us!

Our new dairy parlour has recently been completed and milking time is great fun to watch! If you and your team would like to come and have a look around the farm at any time and to meet the herd, you would be most welcome, just let us know and we will make the arrangements.

If you are a business in Somerset or Devon and would like to discuss your milk and dairy produce requirements, please contact John Cottrell on 01823 662704 

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